James Ehrlich of 'Hippy Gourmet' and 'Green Morality' Author Ed Flattau

This episode originally aired on July 9, 2010

James Ehrlich, founder, Executive Producer and Director of the Hippy Gourmet series on PBS, talks to "Green is Good" about the rise of organic food in America and how to further spread the knowledge. Ehrlich recognizes that organic farmers and farms are the true faces of the green food movement, and the perception of the word "organic" is changing positively because of this depiction.

"There has been an organic resurgence over the last decade," Ehrlich says. "People have become more understanding of their health and self-care. In some ways it has helped family farms; we're hoping that it can create more sustainable, organic practices around the world."

The show, which has been on TV for 11 seasons, travels all over the world discovering organic, sustainable and healthy foods. The Hippy Gourmet's Quick and Simple Cookbook for Healthy Eating, a companion cookbook to the series, has also received wild acclaim.

Ed Flattau, the nation's first and longest-running syndicated green newspaper columnist, speaks with John and Mike about his fourth book, Green Morality.

Flattau has been writing his green column since 1972, and has logged literally thousands of entries over the years. Professionally, the evolution of green has changed quite a bit.

"[The green movement] was not as widespread when we started," Flattau admits. Yet the 1970s were the perfect time to launch an environmental column. "The decade of the '70s is when Congress enacted the major environmental statutes that today are the bedrock of this country."

Green Morality's theme is simple: Everyone has a moral obligation to leave the world in as good or better shape than when they found it. Flattau, with nearly 40 years of experience in the matter, is the perfect journalist to take on the moralistic vision.